ANNOUNCEMENT Related to: Academies Esports Canada and Académie Esports de Montréal

In 2017, I joined the MTL Esports team as a consultant. Following the dazzling success of a pilot project in the form of summer e-sports camps in 2018, a new company, of which I was the CEO, was created: the Académie Esports de Montréal (AEM). Equipped with an outstanding team, the AEM has grown continuously with new programs tested in the field, the opening of franchises, business partners around the world, political gains and more. Many business models were evaluated and it was decided in 2019 to open Academies Esports Canada (AEC).

Today, the project’s managing executives (AEM-AEC) and I have acquired the intellectual property of AEC from MTL Esports to develop the project to its full potential, without the restrictions of a local franchisee, through a new company that will be launched shortly.

It is important to understand that this situation will result in the resumption of all current activities and the full management of theAcadémie Esports de Montréal by its main shareholder, MTL Esports. Mr. Paul Sen therefore becomes CEO of AEM and will be responsible for its future operations. 

For my part, I will continue the work already begun by the Academies with the executive management: Benjamin Denis (marketing and B2B), Francois Savard (research and business dev), Antonin Tran (research and content creation) and Théophile Hackly (communications and content creation). 

I will no longer have any decision-making role in the Académie Esports de Montréal. I will continue to act as an advisor to Mr. Sen without having a direct impact on the activities of the Académie Esports de Montréal. 

In summary :

#1 : The management of Academies Esports Canada (Académie Esports de Montréal) is leaving the organization.

#2 : The Management has acquired the intellectual property of the Academy Canada and will continue the development of programs, research and certain projects with a third party company. 

#3 : MTL Esports (Paul Sen) takes over 100% control of the Esports Academy of Montreal operations (day camps – concentration – coaching service – extracurricular).

ld like to thank all the people who have been involved in the great project that is Academies Esports Canada and the Académie Esports de Montréal . We have paved the way and set standards for the industry. You are all the reason for the success of this enterprise. 

I wish MTL Esports the best of luck in the pursuit of this great project that is the Académie Esports de Montréal.  

For me, the road continues. Past achievements will not be forgotten and will serve as a basis for the bright future that lies ahead for me and my partners. We should be able to announce in a few months our new project which will be a brutal evolution of the Academies Esports Canada!

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