FGV – A new prevention and awareness service focused on gamers is available in Quebec !

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FGV – A new prevention and awareness service focused on gamers is available in Quebec !

Montreal, August 24, 2020 – The Virtual Guardians Foundation, a government-recognized charitable organization, is launching a new free prevention and awareness service for various problems present on the web in the form of a server on the Discord digital platform.

This new server, in addition to being a source of information and resources, is also a helping and peer-supporting community made up of passionate people who want to make the Internet a healthier and safer place for everyone. Our specialist volunteers are currently divided into three main categories: Intervener, Educators and Instructors.

Intervener are individuals with qualifications in the field of social work. They can, for example, help users by directing them to the right resources or advising them on more sensitive subjects.

“As a full-time presenter for a video game and collectibles store called La Zone VD, it is important for me to be involved with the Quebec community. With a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work in my pocket, in addition to several years of experience working with many age groups, it is important to me to offer personalized services to everyone. Young and old, who are increasingly using platforms such as Twitch and Discord, are more inclined to begin their search for services that respond to their personal difficulties (mental health, suicidal ideation, gender identification, sexual orientation or other) on these platforms. This new intervention project, unique in Quebec, complemented for example with my Twitch channel, will make it possible to offer support and referrals to resources in the person’s environment. ” – Samuel Gignac, full-time broadcaster, acting as Intervener on the Discord server.

The Educators are people with qualifications in the field of education. Composed mainly of teachers who are video game enthusiasts, they are available, for example, to advise parents and young people on how to reconcile school and video games.

“These days, playing video games is more than just a hobby, as it was when I went to school. It is a source of socialization, an art that influences the sense of belonging of our developing youth and a major economic industry that is and will be part of the labour market of today and tomorrow for which our learners must prepare. The world of education is constantly adapting to the new realities of our world and this Discord platform is one of the tools that will help us, teachers and parents, to train responsible cyber-citizens. ” – Jimmy Gagné, teacher at the Centre de services scolaires de la Côte-du-Sud, acting as Educator in the project.

Instructors are people with qualifications in the field of coaching in electronic sports. They contribute to improving the gamers’ lifestyle by advising healthy habits that will really help increase their performance while avoiding the harmful consequences of bad practice.

“Esports offers an incredible opportunity to reach young people directly in one of their favorite activities, creating an opening for learning. Coaching and education through the practice of video games helps prevent many problems related to the use of games and the web”. – Patrick Pigeon, consultant and coach of electronic sports, acting as Instructor in the project.

For François Savard, President of the Virtual Guardian Foundation, this new service will fill a void that exists in the health and social services field in Quebec: “We see it every day, and the situation at COVID-19 has only accentuated this reality, as a growing proportion of the population is no longer accessible through traditional communication channels. Being all gamers ourselves in addition to our respective specializations, we are in the best position to adapt quickly to the extremely evolving reality of online communities. This allows us to offer an authentic and efficient service. »

The Virtual Guardian Foundation encourages all of you to join the Discord Server: https://discord.gg/MfN4w2d

About the Virtual Guardian Foundation

Founded in 2018, the Virtual Guardian Foundation is a registered Canadian charity whose mission is to be a beacon on the Internet for people in distress and to promote the responsible use of the digital world.

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