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September 2020 – Current

American Esports

V.P. Curricula and Trainings development

American Esports serves the amateur, competitive gaming community. Those players who aspire to improve their video gaming skills, compete in tournaments and realize opportunities to translate their passion to purpose, whether through online certifications, high school, and college curricula, academic programs, and scholarships or by positioning themselves to secure a job in the fastest growing tech industry, esports.

March 2020 – September 2020

Esports Institute of Education and Technology

Senior Consultant

The Esports Institute of Education and Technology is the first digital research center dedicated to the practice of esports in an academic setting. The Institute committed to the continuous improvement of methods, practices, and structures for esports enthusiasts and professionals alike. Acting as a living ecosystem for industry specialists, the Institute offers highly adaptable services such as training programs and professional support for coaches, educators, and esports athletes worldwide.

April 2018 – March 2020

Academy Esports Montreal

CEO – Chief Executive Officer

As the leaders of Esports education and training, we provide turnkey solutions to supervise students passionate about games and to address the societal challenges of a digital age.

Oct 2015 – Aug 2016

Pagnian Americas

Logistic coordinator

– Travel planning in different events related to racing and video games.
– Organization of events related to video games and racing.
– Recruitment and supervision of video game competition teams for events.
– Social networks and web marketing.
– Graphic design
– Management of shipments.

Sept 2014 – Apr 2016

Boreal Esports

COO – Chief Operating Officer

– Organization of events (LAN – Expo – conferences).
* 4 editions of the Boreal Private LAN for the community (100-150 people)
– Management of a community of players with more than 500 members.
– Supervision of semi-pro and pro teams.
– Drafting of contracts.
– Logistical support to teams and players.
– Social networks and web marketing.
– Search for sponsorships.
– Project management.

Sept 2008 – Sept 2014

Armata Gaming

General Manager

– Management of a community ranging from 500 to 1000 members.
– Logistical support to the competition teams.
– Organization of activities on a regular basis for members.
– Organization of booths in various trade shows and exhibitions.
– Project management.


Feb 2018 – Current

Virtual Gardians Fondation


Founded in 2018, the Virtual Guardians Foundation is a Registered Canadian Charity whose mission is to be a beacon on the Internet for people in distress and promote the responsible use of digital technology.

The staff is made up of multinational and multicultural volunteers from health, education, and esports. Although we have partnerships and activities in several countries, our conferences and in-person workshops are mainly held in Quebec.

Charity number: 77501 0689 RR00001

Feb 2016 – Current

Fédération québécoise de sports électroniques

Board Member

The Fédération québécoise de sports électroniques (FQSE) was created to contribute to the development of the market and the electronic sports scene in Quebec.

Achievements within the FQSE

– Drafting of the Federation’s by-laws and general regulations.

– Creation and launch of the Cyber Espoirs Program.

– Creation and launch of the Cyber espoirs League. An electronic sports league composed of
of post-secondary educational institutions in Quebec. The first stage of this league was a qualifying tournament held on April 1 and 2, 2017. We were fortunate to have Loto-Québec, Microplay, BCF Business Lawyers and HyperX as partners for this first event.

Feb 2016 – Aug 2019

Fédération québécoise de sports électroniques




University of Studies

UI Design

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University of Studies

Graphic Design

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University of Studies

Frontend Development

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Project management


Humanist management


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